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Living Earth - For the highest good of all life.

Never before has it been so important to network with like-minded people and to focus our attention and thus our creative power together on what we really are. The web platform "LIVING EARTH" is based on the ideas and values of the "New Earth Manifesto". Here you can find people and projects, ideas and solutions from all walks of life and countries. Together and with joy we create a new paradise on earth.

You can support us and become part of the movement

With the LIVING EARTH the "humus" is created, the living soil from which a new, healthy and wholesome life may grow.

At the beginning of February, we completed our crowdfunding on Wemakeit very successfully. 1192 people contributed to the fact that we not only reached our funding goal of Euro 87,000, but by far exceeded it.

Therefore we were able to start programming the site a few weeks ago and are happy to report that the site is getting more beautiful and richer every day.

We can't wait to provide you with the features that will make it easy for you to connect and share all the solutions, projects, ideas and stories that will bring our New Earth into visibility.

We are filled with joy and gratitude for having embarked on this adventure journey to the New Earth together with you.

Knowing deeply that this is being born in the pure heart of all of us.

Within the framework of our crowdfunding, we launched the "LIVING EARTH GROWTH CAMP" in the German language with a sensational response.

At the Growth Camp we spoke with our wonderful Wise Councillors about the most important questions of our time and received many valuable answers.

Every Euro that now flows into the Living Earth will be used to further build up the Living Earth platform, to fill it with all our knowledge and experiences and to keep it "alive".

Afterwards, we want to let the money flow into projects that are already setting the tone of tomorrow and have so many beautiful things to tell, show so many practical solutions, that there is no other option than to let them inspire us to our own deeds.

THANK YOU for your contribution to LIVING EARTH.

We are no longer alone. We are together. Together. Now!

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May the MANIFEST OF THE NEW EARTH serve us as the light at the end of the tunnel of this collective birth process. Let us unite in this vision. Let us walk this path together and thus create together - thanks to our creative power - a new paradise on earth.

The themes of the manifesto

Health of all life

Development of potential

Production circuits / Economy

Living Spaces


Law, legal guardians and peacekeepers

Monetary system


Supreme Guiding principle

Immerse yourself in the NEW EARTH MANIFESTO.

On the website you can deeply engage with the idea of the manifesto and become active.